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Daily Life at Bloomfield

Every morning students K-12 gather to pray and sing the Doxology.  Grades 7-12 then enjoy a schedule which allows ample time for class discussions, in-class homework time, and scientific experiments. Students will also enjoy the opportunity for P.E., art, choir, or being a teacher’s aide.

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Explore & Grow

Character development is an important goal for our students. Our desire is to assist students in understanding their special calling and equip them to use it for God’s glory in His Kingdom.

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Fine Arts

Students participate in choir, basic music theory, and drawing/painting arts from K-8 and may continue up through graduation. In addition, we have a strings orchestra program K-12.

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House System

“Four Houses, One Community” – BCS utilizes a House System for integration of grades 7-12 to build community, serve in the Detroit area, and create leadership opportunities.

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BCS views sports as a co-curricular program which stands beside our core curriculum to teach students sportsmanship, justice, and leadership. Sports teams are active in all 3 seasons.

Why Students Love Bloomfield

"Where traditional education merely tells you what to think and do, Bloomfield Christian School goes further. At BCS you learn what virtue is, how to think on it, why to think on it, and what to do about your new found knowledge."

– Charlie Settle, Class of 2020

"I love BCS because every teacher either helps you build your faith or makes you think more deeply about your faith."

– Hannah Benjamin, Class of 2020

"I love BCS for its emphasis on real learning that's going to stay with you."

– Luke Antoine, Class of 2022

"I love Bloomfield Christian School because friendships are like family."

- Faith MacArthur, Class of 2021

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